ECU Software

Performance ECU software available for most makes and models of all vehicles. Please use our vehicle search to find out more.


Gearbox Software

We have performance software available for more DSG and S-tronic gearboxes. Get in touch for more information.


Custom Software

Looking for something specific? Anti-lag? No lift shift? Launch control? We can provide customisations for a large range of vehicle ECU’s.


DNA Quality

Get the DNA difference. Years of development and testing mean we are the market leader in aftermarket performance software tuning for your vehicles engine and gearbox software.

  1. 1
    Years of experience

    We have over 20 years software development experience at DNA, so you know you are getting quality workmanship.
    Being one of the first ECU Tuning companies in the business we have a vast understanding of not just the older ECU’s but the development through to the very latest ECU’s that others cannot do, you cannot buy experience as they say.

    Well you can at DNA.

  2. 2

    We are able to offer a range of customisations. From custom launch control, RPM limits, speed limit removal, EGR-DPF–AdBlue delete to anti lag and no lift shift.

    We are always looking to increase our range of options to allow our dealers the ability to offer the best software available. We can also help with vehicles with hardware changes on request.

  3. 3
    Huge range of vehicles

    Cars, Vans, Trucks, Tractors, Bikes, Jetski’s, Marine and Generators – we can do almost anything with fuel injection! Have something we don’t list? Just get in touch and we will try to help!

  4. 4
    Dealer Network

    With a worldwide dealer network and well respected brand name, we are available in most countries with the same level of quality you would expect.

    If your company would like to become a dealer in a country we are not already represented please feel free to get in touch. We also have remote tuning modules where we can assist you if you want to be able to flash your car without visiting a dealer.

  5. 5
    Race Experience

    We specialise in performance software for road cars, race and track vehicles. We are trusted by many race teams and drivers to provide them with support and the best software for their vehicle.

    Over the years we have provided tuning for PTCT, Mini Challenge, Clio Cup, VW Cup, VAG Trophy, Britcar and BTCC. In some we have tuned all the cars in class to give a completely level playing field.

  6. 6
    OEM Experience

    We work with several manufacturers to provide performance upgrades on special edition factory approved cars.

  7. 7

    Our tuning matches or exceeds current manufacturer specified emissions on our Stage 1 tuning.

DNA Features

Offering not only normal “Stage 1” tuning like other generic brands we go deeper into your engine and gearbox ECU’s to offer more tailored tuning and more unique options on request.

  1. 1
    DPF Removal Software

    Where allowed in your country or for off road applications we can disable the DPF systems on most vehicles so this can be removed.

    On many situations the DPF system will block frequently if the vehicle is only used on short journeys and never gets fully up to temperature and allow itself to regenerate causing very expensive cleaning or replacement.

    A blocked DPF can be very damaging to a vehicle causing excessive back pressure which can lead to turbo failure and in an extreme circumstance even make the piston rings fail causing a complete engine rebuild.

  2. 2
    EGR Delete Software

    The Exhaust Gas Recirculation system when failing can cause a variety of issues on a car, limp mode, poor response and engine damage. To delete this system where available will give an increase in overall power.

  3. 3
    Speed Limiter Removal

    Most vehicles will have a speed limiter, on ex commercial vehicles and vans this can be as low as 50 mph, on others they can be restricted to 155mph, where allowed such as an Autobahn there is no speed limit, we can where possible remove these limiters or add a limiter for a client wanting to add a limiter for fleet or new drivers for safety.

  4. 4
    Gearbox Software (DSG / Stronic)

    We have performance software available for more DSG and S-tronic gearboxes. Get in touch for more information.

    With our DSG software we can offer a variety of options dependant on the application. Options where available are;

    • Faster and Smoother Shifting
    • Launch Control
    • Holding on to gears longer in Auto and Manual modes
    • Raised Torque limits where the Gearbox restricts the Engine
  5. 5
    Launch Control

    On certain vehicles we can add Launch control to the Engine and or Gearbox software.

    Launch control will help you make the perfect start and also a safer start avoiding excessive wheelspin and tyre wear as well as a quicker reaction.

  6. 6
    No Lift Shift Software

    Where available our No Lift Shift software option will allow you to change gear without lifting your foot off the throttle, the cars computer will take care of what is needed to do when changing gear instead, meaning much faster gear changes.

  7. 7
    Adjustable Anti Lag

    Where available our Adjustable Anti Lag will give faster spooling on turbo applications whilst still keeping turbo reliability. It also dependant on the exhaust system give you flames on shift.